This blog is dedicated to stories about Pacific Islands and climate change.

Pacific islanders are the first victims of climate change. They risk that their islands get uninhabitable in this century. But little is known, how Pacific islanders cope with this challenge.

My personal relation to the Pacific region is less striking. During my studies of Natural Science with the Open University, I worked on projects about climate change and environmental justice. This focused my interest on the Pacific Island region.

Not to forget, I’m working for a TV channel with the internet domain name .tv . Licensing this domain name  is an important source of national income for the island nation Tuvalu.

Statements made in this blog represent my personal opinion.

Heike Huntebrinker


About the author


  • Marketing Manager of the European TV Channel ARTE in Strasbourg, France
  • Student of Natural Science at the Open University, GB
  • Degree in Social Science, University Hannover, Germany

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